The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right AI Server: Intel Xeon vs. AMD EPYC

NVIDIA A100 80GB Data Center Graphics Card

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, driving demand for servers that can handle complex AI workloads. Selecting the right server involves understanding these workloads and matching them with the appropriate hardware and software capabilities. Two giants in the CPU market, Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC, offer compelling features for AI applications. This guide explores how to choose the right server for AI and dives into the comparative analysis of Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors, focusing on their prowess in powering deep Read more…

AMD Threadripper Pro 7000 WX Series: Powering Industry Pros

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7000 WX Series is a robust collection of processors designed for professionals across different sectors. These industries include graphic design, engineering, data analytics, scientific research, visual effects, and animation.

Each processor offers a specific core/thread configuration tailored to excel in its respective industry applications. Additionally, the processors in this series support DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5.0 connectivity, enhancing the performance of high-end workstations.

Professionals can boost productivity and innovation by selecting the right Threadripper Pro processor and graphics cards for their workstations. The AMD Threadripper Pro 7000 WX series revolutionizes professional computing Read more…

VRLA Tech Presents: The Ultimate Gaming PCs of 2023

Why VRLA Tech is Your Premier Choice for Gaming PCs
Eclipse Gaming PC Lifestyle
At VRLA Tech, we are deeply committed to not just delivering gaming PCs, but creating comprehensive gaming experiences that cater to individual preferences. Our unique approach to customization, combined with our dedication to quality, truly sets us apart in the gaming industry. So, if you’re
looking for the best gaming PC Black Friday. Here’s what makes us the top choice for the best prebuilt gaming PC 2023:

Tailored to Your Needs: We understand the importance of personalization in gaming. Our Read more…

Unlock the Next-Gen Experience with VRLA Tech: Powering Forward with Intel’s 14th Gen Processors

In the ever-evolving realm of technology and gaming, the benchmark for excellence continues to rise. At VRLA Tech, we’ve always championed innovation and the belief in pushing the envelope. Today, we’re ecstatic to meld our commitment with the remarkable capabilities of Intel’s Core 14th Generation desktop processor family. Our premier gaming PCs: Centaur, Helios, and Tron, are now supercharged with this game-changing technology.

14th gen intel cpu banner main

Unraveling the 14th Gen Enigma: More Than Just a Processor
The debut of Intel’s 14th Generation marks a seminal moment in computing history. Spearheading this revolution is the Intel Core i9-14900K, equipped with a jaw-dropping 24 cores, 32 threads, and an out-of-the-box frequency touching 6 GHz. Its sibling, the Intel Core i7-14700K, flexes its might with 20 cores and 28 threads, elevated by an array of Efficient-cores (E-cores).

This transformative generation isn’t just about numbers. It’s designed for industry-leading technology while ensuring platform versatility. The compatibility with Intel 600 and 700 series chipset-based motherboards offers discerning users a pathway to upgrade without any concessions on performance or features. Dive deeper, and you’ll find DDR5 support reaching speeds of 5600 MT/s, ensuring unparalleled bandwidth and productivity. But the past isn’t forgotten, with DDR4 support continuing up to 3200 MT/s.

14th gen intel cpu gameplay
Intel’s 14th Gen integrates next-level I/O, boasting up to 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes for high-speed GPUs, SSDs, or other add-in cards. Add to this, 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes and up to 8 DMI 4.0 lanes, ensuring swift communication between components. Connectivity is further accentuated with discrete Thunderbolt™ 4 technology, promising speeds up to 40 Gbps. And if you’re an overclocking aficionado, tools like Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, Intel Extreme Memory Profile, and Intel Dynamic Memory Boost are at your disposal, ensuring both veterans and novices can extract peak performance from unlocked processors.
14th gen intel cpu
Not just about sheer power, Intel also focuses on enhancing visual experiences. The Intel Ultra-High-Definition Graphics, founded on the Xe architecture, supports up to four concurrent DDI ports and boasts 8K HDR support. Additionally, with the advent of discrete Intel® Wi-Fi 7 (5 Gig), the future of connectivity is reshaped, laying the foundation for faster speeds and unmatched consistency. The cherry on top? Enhanced Bluetooth LE Audio support, paving the way for wireless stereo, impeccable sound quality, and novel audio sharing features.

The VRLA Tech Pantheon: Excellence Reimagined
Our ethos at VRLA Tech revolves around relentless innovation. Let’s delve into how the Intel 14th Gen processors revolutionize our gaming powerhouses:

Centaur Gaming PC: A confluence of power and agility, the Centaur, supercharged with the 14th Gen, offers gaming escapades that blur the line between virtual and real. Expect rapid render speeds, zero lag, and an enveloping gaming ambiance.

Helios: Synonymous with unbridled energy, the Helios, when fused with Intel’s vanguard, promises a gaming realm free of stutters and full of thrills.

Tron Gaming PC: Crafted for the elite, the Tron marries luxury with stellar performance. The Intel 14th Gen’s inclusion ensures an unmatched prowess, be it gaming, streaming, or multitasking.

The expansive horizons of the digital domain beckon, and VRLA Tech stands poised to be your guiding light. Our Centaur, Helios, and Tron, energized by Intel’s 14th Gen, are at the pinnacle of gaming technology. However, our commitment extends beyond. We offer a vast array of Gaming PCs tailored for myriad needs. If our flagships don’t resonate with your needs, explore our diverse lineup or customize your dream machine with us. At VRLA Tech, your aspirations take center stage. Let’s craft the digital future, together.

Is a Deep Learning Workstation Right for You? Making an Informed Decision

RTX Professional GPU
In today’s data-driven world, deep learning has become a transformative technology with applications across various industries. Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, automotive, or any other sector, the power of deep learning can help you gain insights, automate processes, and drive innovation. But how do you know if you need a deep learning workstation? In this article, we’ll guide you through the decision-making process, explore the industries that benefit from these workstations, and help you understand why investing in one might be the right choice for you.

How to Know if Read more…

PC Gamer’s Double Take: The VRLA Tech Titan Takes Center Stage

PC Gamer Titan gaming PC

At VRLA Tech, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news that has us bursting with pride. PC Gamer, one of the most respected voices in the gaming industry, has dedicated not one but two articles to our flagship gaming PC, the VRLA Tech Titan Gaming PC. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of what PC Gamer had to say about our Titan, and why we believe their double feature is a testament to the gaming excellence we strive to deliver.

The VRLA Tech Titan’s Epic Debut – PC Gamer Editors Pick

In PC Gamer’s editors pick article they placed the spotlight squarely on our VRLA Tech Titan. It’s not often that a single gaming PC garners so much attention, but the Titan is no ordinary machine.

The review was nothing short of glowing, with PC Gamer praising the Titan’s exceptional performance, unrivaled gaming capabilities, and jaw-dropping aesthetics. The Titan, as described by PC Gamer, is a true force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.

One key highlight of the review was the Titan’s ability to effortlessly handle the most demanding games, delivering impeccable frame rates and breathtaking visuals. This level of performance is made possible by the carefully selected top-tier components that power the Titan, ensuring that gamers can fully immerse themselves in their favorite titles without compromise.

The Review: A Closer Look at the VRLA Tech Titan’s Inner Power

In the second article, PC Gamer took a deeper dive into the inner workings of our VRLA Tech Titan. They explored the powerhouse components that make the Titan an absolute gaming beast, such as its high-end CPU and GPU, ample RAM, and cutting-edge storage solutions.

PC Gamer’s review emphasized how these components work in perfect harmony to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Whether you’re gaming at 4K resolutions, streaming content, or tackling resource-intensive tasks, the Titan’s capabilities are simply outstanding.

Additionally, the review touched on the Titan’s sleek and stylish design, highlighting how it not only performs like a dream but also looks the part. It’s not just a gaming PC; it’s a statement piece for your gaming setup.


We’re incredibly honored and proud to have the VRLA Tech Titan featured in not one but two articles by PC Gamer. Their enthusiastic praise and thorough examination of our flagship gaming PC reaffirm our commitment to delivering the absolute best in gaming technology.

If you’re ready to elevate your gaming experience to new heights, the VRLA Tech Titan Gaming PC stands ready to exceed your expectations. With the resounding endorsement from PC Gamer, you can trust that you’re investing in a gaming PC that is second to none. Have other specs in mind? No problem! Check out our full Gaming PC lineup to pick and customize the gaming PC of your dreams!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to PC Gamer for recognizing the quality and performance of the VRLA Tech Titan, and we’re equally thankful to our loyal customers for your continued support. We’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of gaming excellence.

Pre Built Gaming PC’s that are Truly Worth the Hype

If you are looking at a Prebuilt gaming PC to game, create and stream, and have a bigger budget in mind, then you’ve come to the right place! VRLA Tech has great custom gaming PCs that can provide high performance while amplifying your gaming experience. In one of our most recent blog posts, we talked about the best mid-range prebuilt PCs VRLA Tech has to offer below $1,500, but maybe you’ve got your sights set on a gaming rig with more than just a powerful graphics card. Maybe our best selling RTX 3060 PC isnt enough for you. Maybe Read more…

What to Know Before Buying a Prebuilt Gaming PC

Phoenix Gaming PC 4080


In this new day and age where technology rules over our every-day lives, investing in the best devices with high quality and lasting performance has now become an investment worth giving into. A pre-built gaming PC is one of the latest investments that have risen in popularity.


When choosing a gaming desktop either to buy or to build, there are a lot of individual parts that need to be considered. When building a PC yourself, you typically need to do in-depth research, select and order every part individually, you Read more…

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $1,500

So you want to be a gamer, a streamer, or a video editor. You want to see the best that the internet and modern technology has to offer; maybe you want to contribute to those offerings. But you feel that you aren’t biased, not because you aren’t skilled but because you aren’t balling on that old Windows 95 computer.


You are finding yourself caught between a gaming rig and a gaming laptop, but are weighing out the pros and the cons between what things are better to compromise. While gaming laptops provide portability and a sense of freedom, a gaming Read more…

Turning Down the Heat: Ryzen 7000 Thermals and Eco Mode

About a month and a half ago (September 27th), AMD stepped forward into their new AM5 era, with the launch of the Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” CPUs. And step forward it was, with all four initial offerings substantially outpacing the previous years’ Ryzen 5000 CPUs (minus sometimes the 5800X3D but that one is special). AMD claimed huge improvements in both raw performance and performance-per-watt efficiency over the previous generation, but unfortunately those efficiency improvements were somewhat hidden behind the CPUs’ increased power draws. And along with those power numbers, AMD also changed the CPUs’ thermal behavior, which greatly increased the Read more…

Coming Soon! AMD Radeon 7000 Graphics Cards!!

When we last heard from AMD, they gave us the AMD Ryzen 7000 Processors, and teased us with AMD Radeon 7000 Graphics Cards. And today they’re back with more information on Radeon GPUs. The golden day is December 13th, the golden price is $999 or $899, and the golden name is Radeon RX 7900XTX, and RX 7900XT.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves a little bit. November 3rd, 2022. AMD hosted another announcement show, this one called Advance_Gaming (because all their announcements are “advance_” with a very conspicuous underscore), and the first thing they did was When Last We Left Read more…

Announcing NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 Graphics Cards

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series
September 20th, 2022, marks the next day in computing hardware announcements. Today on the docket: NVIDIA. Graphics cards. And apparently, a whole lot of talk about artificial intelligence. Last month when AMD announced their new CPUs, the presentation was very compact and very focused: These are the new products, this is how we designed them, this is how they compare to our past work and to our competitors current products, here’s the price and release date and the surrounding hardware they need. NVIDIA’s presentation, was very very Read more…