She’s Making The Switch To PC! Meet Our Sponsor Courtney Elizabeth

We know that it might seem like an unlikely partnership, after all what does a PC gaming company have in common with a beauty vlogger? But if you take a closer look at Courtney Elizabeth, you’ll no doubt see what we did; an impressive, tenacious creator with a real passion to help people. In partnering with Courtney, we’re giving away a $300 VRLA Tech gift card, good towards any of our available gaming PCs. Before we get into details, we’ll let Courtney introduce herself.


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The Benefits of Charity Within the PC Gaming Community

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Partners with VRLA Tech’s Very Own GG Fyre

With the world in distress due to Covid-19, protests, riots and much more occurring on a daily basis, we at VRLA Tech wanted to join in a cause that benefited a population who truly needs it. VRLA Tech received contact from our very own sponsor GG Fyre in regards to joining him, PBTF (Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation) and Emire Jerky in a charity stream to help raise money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The thought of being able to help PBTF in the fight against Pediatric Brain Tumors brought joy to us here at the office.


Setting a Goal and Creating a Plan Through a 30 Day Gaming Experience

GG Fyre is planning on reaching his goal of $15,000 to donate to PBTF in order to help with their fight against cancer. To kick things off he centered the charity stream around his Stream channel on Facebook’s streaming platform. GG Fyre is a PC streamer who plays a game called Rocket League. It is a combination of Forza (racing game), Soccer and Football, the goal of this game is to strategically score goals using a car with your teammates. When Rocket League and Ryan (GG Fyre) team up, it’s a lethal combination. Ryan’s Facebook group is a community of caring, loving, goal oriented individuals who love what they do and share the same passion for helping others.

Where Do the Sponsors Come In?

Charity events usually consist of outside companies joining forces to contribute to something bigger and better than themselves. Teaming up with one another to create a successful event carries weight with not only the charity that is running the event but also those participating in the event as well as the viewers and those donating. In terms of partnering with GG Fyre, Empire Jerky and last but not least PBTF the overall goal is to help in a few different ways. Not only raising money for those suffering from childhood brain tumors but creating awareness within Facebook’s streaming platform and PC Gaming Community.

The Importance of Community Outreach, Unity and How PC Gaming Can Benefit Anyone

“A PC Gaming Company that contributes is one that is able to make a difference” VRLA Tech is so happy to be participating in an event like this. The dynamic partners that joined and the diversification of free flowing ideas throughout the entire process has been amazing. When it comes to VRLA Tech and what would like to let everyone know is the importance of community, not only localized but national and international. Now when we look at how this connects with PBTF we would like to get our opinion out there in a few simple ideas. Firstly,

Pictured above is a super excited child from PBFT finding that VRLA Tech is giving him a Gaming PC!! He has pure joy in his face.

  1. Human Connection: Everyone in the world in one form or another needs connection with others, community is a huge part of the average person’s day to day life. Whether it be friends, family, colleagues or an acquaintance. Our daily life consists of interactions with others, now if we take that a step further and break it down into another type of connection. Gaming desktops and gaming laptops give teenagers, kids and even adults the ability to make a connection with more people and in a different way. Playing your favorite video game can be one of the most exciting things in the world. And making a connection with a new friend who loves the same game as you can be even better. Taking that another step further you might start diving into the PC Master Race as they call it and break down what parts are inside your custom PC. Do you or your friends have an Nvidia GeForce or a GeForce RTX 2080 or maybe a Nvidia GeForce RTX? It doesn’t matter what you have in your build just as long as you share the same passion for the industry.
  2. VRLA Tech & PBTF: From the very start of the charity Ryan and PBTF were trying to come up with ways to better the Rocket League stream and raise more money. VRLA Tech was on board from the very start and up for putting up a few gaming PCs for not only those who were donating but also the “Stars” of PBTF. These children who have been through something like brain cancer at such a young age have lived a long life at such a young age and deserve to be given something they can use for the rest of their life. For parents of children who are going through brain cancer, we would like to recommend a few things. The road can be long and unbearable at times, but help your child find something they love and something that can help take them out of what is going on. A great escape would be getting a one of a kind gaming PC from VRLA Tech, this would give them the ability to make time pass while going through treatment as well as making a unique and pure connection with other gamers as well as a growing love for an amazing industry and finding games they love to play. If your child is potentially going through cancer, please feel free to reach out to us to ask any questions about PC Gaming that you need answered.

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During these strange times we here at VRLA Tech implore you to do something that makes a difference in someone else’s life. Whether it be donating to a cause, mowing your parent lawn, helping a stranger carry their groceries or just doing the right thing. Put a smile on your face and someone else’s, that could be the thing that makes someone’s day and restores their faith in humanity. What we have learned from being in the computer gaming industry is that people need connection, and we want to show you that you can be the change you want to see. PBTF is doing something that is changing the lives of children and parents everywhere. Ryan Kibbe aka GG Fyre is showing his community what he is all about and what his channel stands for, he is showing that there is another way to connect with others and to bring joy to the hearts of thousands.


Race Car Driver and International Championship Winner – Simon Tibbett, Now Sponsored by VRLA Tech!

Simon Tibbett, born March 7, 1988, is a professional race car driver with multiple wins and podium finishes. Simon won his first international championship in 2019 where he earned the Champion of the Continents title. He has also competed in numerous other events ranging from the Red Bull Formula One Driver Search to the famous “The Mitty” historic sportscar race where he was a multiple time class winner. 


Simon is currently investing in his education to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in marketing. He is also an avid cyclist, Read more…