Gaming Helps Us Stay Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease

The whole world is currently coping with Coronavirus. The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a highly contagious respiratory illness that can spread from person to person and is caused by a novel coronavirus. This dangerous virus forced Governors all over the USA to issue “Stay At Home” orders. Schools are closed, non-essential businesses are closed, and residents are ordered to stay at home unless they need to go outside to run an essential errand, such as going to the grocery store. 


Internet Bandwidth Usage Higher Than Ever

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Students and teachers have been forced to have classes online to complete their curriculum as the remainder of the academic school year will take place from home. Online services like Zoom and Discord have stepped up to provide teachers and students with tools to host classrooms so that the quarantine measures have minimal impact. YouTube has also seen an uptick on bandwidth usage and has implemented a default quality restriction to 480p in order to stop congestion of bandwidth.


Online Conferencing Platforms and Gaming Software Providing Work from Home Solutions


Since more people are home and working from home, internet service providers have also been removing restrictions such as “bandwidth caps.” Video conferencing or even hosting a classroom on Discord or Zoom uses quite a lot of bandwidth, almost equivalent to watching a 4k stream on Netflix.


Cancelled Events


All events such as League of Legends LCS Spring, Counter-Strike ESL matches have also been postponed or cancelled. E3 2020 and other large conferences have also been cancelled making 2020 a difficult year for upcoming games and technology. Some larger trade shows like Computex Taipei have been rescheduled later this year. Nonetheless, manufacturers continue to release new products and heavily market these products online.

Gaming During the Coronavirus Pandemic


We aren’t sure how long this will last but this dangerous virus has caused friends and family to stay away from one another while we all sit at home in isolation. There’s only so much you can do it at home, clean, cook, eat, sleep, watch TV.  But, a good way to pass the time at home is to game! With a Gaming PC you can still practice social distancing by playing with your friends while staying at home. It’s a way to stay safe, have fun, and feel “less” isolated.


The quarantine has also given many people a chance to decide on their gaming PC’s. A gaming PC will be the ultimate pastime for the extended period of time everyone is required to stay home. A gaming PC is useful for school, work, and entertainment, providing efficient power while tackling school work and office work. Our best seller, the Legacy Gaming PC is a perfect mix of power and performance at a great price. Even work involves rendering and design, a Legacy Gaming PC is able to handle both easily. There are many other gaming desktops provided by VRLA Tech, choose yours today!

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A Gaming PC is better than a Budget PC


Most people will realize their basic PC’s might lack performance once they have used up enough system resources staying on their computers for too long. A majority of the PC market consists of desktops with a minimum amount of hardware such as quad core processors and 8GB of RAM max. Those resources will get used up pretty quickly when having multiple tabs on browsers and multitasking with other software. Compared to an iMac at $1099, the Legacy is significantly faster with enough left over for a decent gaming monitor. 


PC Gaming is not going away and with the current global situation, it is difficult to find parts and decent prices since many factories have been forced to temporarily close pending the pandemic. The prices of hardware components will go up due to supply and demand. We have not raised our prices and will continue to do our best to provide the same great PCs at the same affordable prices. 


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gaming on fortnite

Gaming Companies getting involved with the Stay at home procedures


Companies that are involved in gaming such as developers, distributors, and other related businesses are encouraging gamers to stay home and #PlayApartTogether. Activision, Blizzard, and Riot Games among many others have started the campaign as Covid-19 cases and death toll continue to rise.  


We at VRLA Tech are also taking measures to keep employees safe while continuing to ship orders. As of March 23, 2020, a “Stay at Home” order was issued for Los Angeles to keep residents safe to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Currently only our technical and shipping departments are at work to keep orders filled. 


We encourage everyone to get a Gaming PC, stay home, stay safe and #PlayApartTogether.


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