HP Z Workstations – Made for Professionals!

Finding the right VFX Workstation can be rather challenging. Thankfully, VRLA Tech can custom configure any HP Z Workstation delivering uncompromising performance at an unbeatable price!


HP Z Workstations are specifically created to work with trusted editing software such as Adobe® Creative Cloud, Autodesk, and Avid. Creativity is always changing and technology is always evolving, so HP built Z Workstations to feature tool less serviceability. This allows the user to easily open and get inside any workstation to upgrade your hardware at any time with ease. You are free to alter the designated speed and power that you need.


In comparison to the HP Z840 Workstation, the Mac Pro (also known as “trashcan Mac”, lol) seems outdated and expensive. The Z840 has a whopping 44 processor cores while the trashcan has only 12. The HP Z840’s maximum memory is 1TB while the trashcan’s is 64GB. HP’s maximum internal storage is 24TB while the trashcan can only hold up to 1TB. Although both come with the option to add the Thunderbolt 2.0 feature, the trashcan has zero PCI/PCIe assessor slots and zero SAS/SATA storage bays while the HP Z840 has 8 slots and 8 bays! In terms of performance, HP Workstations completely mask and overpower the trashcan. HP’s Workstation is so much more powerful, making it much easier and quicker to take your imagination to the level it needs to be in a shorter amount of time. Finally, Apple provides a 1 year limited warranty while VRLA Tech provides a free 5 year warranty.


From big studios to independent film makers, the HP Z840 is ideal for post-production and visual effects (VFX) users. The machine can easily render and handle 4K video editing as well as intense VFX work.


Not sure exactly what you need? Or maybe you do know and are looking for an entirely different VFX workstation? Or just need to upgrade your graphics cards? Or maybe your just team Dell instead? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a variety of video cards and Dell Precision T7910 AND T7810 Workstations in stock which can be custom configured to meet all of your video editing needs.


Located right in the middle of the Hollywood industry, VRLA Tech is the local and ideal place to get your HP Z Workstations. We have excellent customer service, the best prices and a free 5 year warranty on all configured machines. Not Local? No problem, we ship worldwide. Contact us today and we will build you your custom VFX Workstation!


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