Race Car Driver and International Championship Winner – Simon Tibbett, Now Sponsored by VRLA Tech!

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Simon Tibbett, born March 7, 1988, is a professional race car driver with multiple wins and podium finishes. Simon won his first international championship in 2019 where he earned the Champion of the Continents title. He has also competed in numerous other events ranging from the Red Bull Formula One Driver Search to the famous “The Mitty” historic sportscar race where he was a multiple time class winner. 


Simon is currently investing in his education to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in marketing. He is also an avid cyclist, writer, and competes in motorsports eSports. Since the world is currently on lockdown, Simon spends his time on racing sims to keep his skills sharp for the next time he competes. 


Simon had an interest in racing from an early age with the first Gran Turismo release in 1997. Then he moved onto racing sims on the PC with Sports Car GT, Grand Prix Legends, and GTR. Fast forward to 2020, racing simulators have gotten a legitimate place in the racing world with competitions and tournaments. Simon is now able to compete with his own racing simulator setup from the comfort of his home.


The current global pandemic of Coronavirus, COVID -19 has led to many physical sports and activities indoors to stay safe. Motorsports have been one of the sports affected by the Coronavirus causing many racing leagues and tournaments to be cancelled. Many drivers have been quarantined or are practicing stay at home procedures to help flatten the curve of the virus spread. Simon Tbbett is among those drivers who is self isolating at home while using iRacing, a PC simulator for online racing and one of the top racing eSports games.


Apollo racing sim setup
Simon With Apollo Racing Sim Setup

Simon will be gaming on his VRLA Tech Apollo PC to compete in eSports competitions and training in the off seasons. The Apollo will be able to handle any racing game Simon throws at it and the simulator itself. iRacing will be an alternative pathway for aspiring racing drivers such as Simon during this pandemic. 


Let’s join Simon Tibbett and VRLA Tech and #PlayApartTogether!  Welcome Simon to the VRLA team, we are excited to partner with you!

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