The Future Is Now

The streaming age brought a worldwide spotlight on esports, which have existed nearly as long as video games themselves. After decades of being dismissed, esports are finally getting their due respect. Between the rise of streaming, and the popularity of games like Fortnite, the esports industry has exploded both in viewership and revenue.

The Esports industry is on track to pass one billion dollars in revenue this year, and it’s expected to hit 1.8 by 2022. Nearly everyone wants to get a piece of this massive industry, whether it’s by streaming, joining collegiate teams, or competing in competitions. As the industry gains legitimacy, so do careers in professional gaming.

Don’t miss out on your place in history, esports are the future.


The Ultimate Setup

Baseball players have bats and gloves; esports players have PCs and monitors. Your PC setup is important, and it should be custom made to suit your needs. Anyone who’s serious about gaming knows that while technical skill is most important, having the best hardware allows you to play without any handicaps.

You need the best setup, something that lets you play all of your favorite games at ultra high refresh rates and FPS. You need to keep the competitive edge with up to date components and peripherals. VRLA Tech can help.

Let us build a completely custom esports rig to suit your needs. We’ll build you the perfect PC; whether you play for your college team, an international esports organization, or your fans on Twitch.

Contact us using the form to the right for more info about a custom VRLA Tech esports rig. There’s no commitment. Or, check out our full line of pre-built gaming PCs, which have some performance and aesthetic upgrade options as well.


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    Esports Careers Await

    The esports industry is booming. Games like League of Legends, DOTA 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are awarding millions of dollars in prizes to teams and professional gamers. But competitions and tournaments are only one way to get into the whole of professional gaming.

    Esports companies need all kinds of employees to make their organizations run, just like any other business. In most cases, all you need is a passion for video games and experience in the type of role they’re looking for. And while you don’t necessarily need a top of the line PC for these roles, having one that plays the latest titles with great graphics will set you apart.

    Side view VRLA Tech Helios gaming PC


    Hold You Back

    When it comes to esports, the hardware you have matters. It’s the second most important thing for success, right under mechanical skill. When you’re playing competitive games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or Fortnite, you need the highest FPS and refresh rates possible. Having high frames per second and refresh rates give you a competitive edge. If you’re playing against someone with your exact same skill level, hardware is what makes the difference.

    Smoother animations mean better tracking of targets, which is critical in FPS games. This article from NVIDIA explains the concept in more detail: Why Does High FPS Matter For Esports?

    All of that said; if you’re serious about PC gaming, you need the best machine possible. That way, when you face off against other players, the only variable is mechanical skill.




    On the list of things you need to succeed in esports, peripherals come right after mechanical skill and a solid PC. While peripherals like monitors and keyboards are usually personal preference, there are a few factors to consider. With monitors, you want the highest refresh rates possible for your budget. The typical choice of many gamers is a 144Hz monitor, but you can even go as high as 360Hz with some of the newer NVIDIA Reflex monitors.

    For keyboards and mice, choose what feels comfortable to you. For mice, make sure to consider DPI, as that will impact your aim in FPS games. For more info, check out our blog about peripherals here.

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    Which game settings cause the most lag? – Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer

    This video by Linus Tech Tips shows you how to use NVIDIA software to analyze your input lag. Knowing the input lag on your system is critical to getting the best performance from your setup, and gives you a starting point to optimize your system.

    YouTube player
    YouTube player
    What is NVIDIA Reflex?

    This video is mostly a showcase for NVIDIA Reflex, but it contains good information about how latency impacts games. If you’re a serious gamer looking to get the most out of their system, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how to reduce latency for the ultimate competitive edge.

    Upgrade Your System Today

    Top the leaderboards and stay there. With a VRLA Tech custom esports PC, your only limit is your own abilities. If you’re a world class gamer and need the PC setup to match, we’ve got you covered.

    All major esports titles can benefit from having the latest and greatest hardware. Top paying games like Overwatch, Call Of Duty, CS:GO, League of Legends, StarCraft, HearthStone, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT, and Apex Legends will all benefit from an upgrade. So, why wait? Upgrade your system today and let VRLA Tech help you unlock your full potential.