Dell PowerEdge R730xd Compared to the NEW PowerEdge Dell R740xd

Dell has recently announced a new server that can transform any data center and is ideal for heavy workloads such as software-defined storage, big data servers, and data analysis. Upon first glance you can tell that this server is nothing like what Dell has offered in the past. Not only does the Dell PowerEdge R740xd chassis have a sleek, new, modern “honeycomb-style” look, but there are plenty new components that Dell has also released contemporaneously with the R740xd.


Starting with the Processors, while the Dell PowerEdge R730xd server is compatible with Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 Processors, the R740xd can hold up to 28 cores per processor but will not be compatible with the same E5-2600 v3 or v4 series that the R730xd could hold, instead the server will be require that the CPU be a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum series and will be MUCH more powerful. Intel designed the CPU and named it so that it would be really easy to understand the hierarchical power of the CPU as it is ranked by metal tiers beginning with Bronze being the least powerful and best for light tasks (Entry CPU), then Silver being a bit better and more suitable for moderate tasks (Good CPU) then Gold being more powerful than the Silver (GREAT) and finally, Platinum being the most powerful and best optimized for evolving/multi workloads (BEST). In addition to different CPU compatibility in the R740xd, Dell has also pumped up the Memory. While the R730xd takes up to 1.5TB RAM, the R740xd has been DOUBLED to up to 3TB.


The Power in the server has also been upgraded. While the R730xd has 1100W Gold; 750W, 1100W, and 495W Platinum, and 740W Diamond Power, the R740xd has even more! The R740xd is compatible with a whooping Titanium 750W, Platinum 495W, 750W, 1100W, 1600W, and 2000W. The hot plug power supplies have full redundancy and up to 6 hot plug fans. The Raid Controller in the R740xd has also been upgraded. It will have more Cache than the R730d and will be much more powerful.


Additional cool new features include a Configuration Lock-down which protects the R730xd server from firmware and malicious changes. The machine also comes with a system erase feature where you can easily erase local storage to sure data privacy if you are repurposing or retiring old servers. Contact our sales team here at VRLA Tech to learn more. Located in Los Angeles, we are sure to offer you quick and reliable services to get you the machine that is perfect for you. We have the cheapest prices around and a free 5 year warranty on all of our machines. Not interested in an R730xd or R740xd? Contact us and we will be sure to match you up with your ideal machine.