Helios Gaming PC

*Pictured PC contains all upgrades installed

i9 9900K I RTX 2080Ti
You have arrived at your final gaming destination with Helios. Everything you’ve ever wanted in a custom gaming PC is now here. We take pride in being able to meet the standards of professional gaming community with Helios.

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  • Processor

    Intel Core i9-9900K

    CPU Cooler

    Deepcool/VRLA Tech Castle 240EX Liquid Cooler AIO


    Asus Prime Z390-A RGB ATX


    Trident Z Royal RGB 16GB DDR4-3000 (2x8 DDR4 DIMMS)


    500GB M.2 SSD + 1TB SSD

    Graphics Card

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI

    Power Supply (PSU)

    750W Modular Power Supply Unit


    NZXT H700i Premium ATX Mid-Tower Case

    Operating System

    Windows 10 Home Included

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Helios Gaming PC
Helios Gaming PC


Computing Power

Helios is the Ultimate pre built Gaming PC that will dominate anything you throw at it. The Helios is the best gaming pc for 2020 it can game, stream, edit videos, run simulations, you name it! The Helios features an Intel i9 9900K 8 Core processor with a total of 16 Threads. With this much CPU power, the i9 9900K is cooled by the DeepCool Castle 240ex, a 240mm AIO Liquid cooling solution for the most powerful gaming CPU. The base clock of 3.60 GHz on all cores, no task is too large. Whether you use your gaming computer for work or play, Helios is capable of cool and quiet performance that is on par of workstations with server grade hardware.

Helios is equipped with an Asus Prime Z390-A Motherboard and 16GB of superfast DDR4 memory. The Z390 chipset gives the full set of features for Intel’s latest gaming platform. 16GB of DDR4 3000MHz RAM and the Z390 chipset is perfect for overclocking the i9 9900K to get the best performance.

Helios Gaming PC


Realistic Gameplay

The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Card is the fastest gaming GPU on the market. Equipped with Nvidia’s latest Ray Tracing technology, games with RTX enabled visually lifelike. This video card is capable of playing games at the highest settings possible and pushing the limits of resolution by providing smooth gameplay at 4K resolution.

Helios does not have a single mechanical hard drive, instead, it demands the fastest power from all of its components. The 500GB M.2 SSD is perfect for the Operating System and multiple games or software and the 1TB SATA SSD is perfect for holding the rest of your storage.

Powering all the most powerful gaming hardware is EVGA’s SuperNOVA 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply inside the NZXT H700i Mid Tower case. Don’t be fooled by the H700i, it's designed for cool and quiet performance with a tempered glass side panel to show its awesome hardware for gaming. With its RGB lighting, all of the components will glow while you play to bring your gaming to life.

Helios Gaming PC

6 Cores / 16 Threads

Octa Core Processor

Up to

5.00 GHz Max Turbo Frequency


Ludicrous speed DDR4 memorymemory

500GB M.2 SSD + 1TB SSD

Fastest storage


RTX Turing GPU
Helios Gaming PC
  • Dimensions & Weight:

    19.45” (L) x 9.06” (W) x 20.31” (H) ; Max 40lbs

    Drive Bays:

    7x Internal 2.5” ; 2x Internal 3.5” ; 7 Expansion Slots

    Case Type & Color:

    ATX Mid Tower ; Black

    Graphics Card Length Limit:


    Motherboard Compatibility:

    Mini-ITX ; MicroATX ; ATX ; EATX (Up to 272mm or 10.7-inches)

    CPU Cooler Height Limit:


    Front Panel Connectivity:

    Mini-ITX ; MicroATX ; ATX ; EATX (Up to 272mm or 10.7-inches)

    Fan Support:

    Rear 1x 120mm/140mm ; Front 3x 120mm/2x 140mm ; Top 3x 120mm/2x 140mm

The Ultimate Gaming Machine
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