CES 2018 Recap

CES 2018

This last weekend we attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) and learned about a ton of new technology. In fact, there was so much going on that it caused a black out! Nonetheless, the show went on and we were there to get you the updates on the most exciting parts. If you saw something at CES 2018 comment below, we want to hear about it! And as always if you have any questions about anything tech give us a call at (213)810-3013 or email us at sales@vrlatech.com. We want to help you with all your hardware needs. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the show:

Amazon Alexa + Windows

In an exciting and unforeseen twist Windows has partnered with Amazon’s Alexa and computers operating on Windows 10 will be getting an option to pair their voice assistant with their workstation helping to automize tasks that can be completed by voice. If you want to be a part of this build your own HP Z840 Workstation or Dell T7910 Workstation and be ready for a Windows P.C. with the power of Alexa.

Intel’s New CPU’s

Targeted towards gamers and companies with VR needs – Intel has paired with AMD to announce the first Core i5 and i7 chips with Radeon graphics cards. While combining a CPU and graphics card, Intel and AMD pushed the limits by adding 4GB of VRAM to the chip improving programs runtime and battery life. These new chips are a part of Intel’s H-series and have set the stage for the future of processors for laptops and workstation’s alike. While the current processors are only for laptops, Intel is planning similar chips for their workstations.

Netgear’s New Router

Security was definitely a trend at this year’s CES. Netgear capitalized on that by releasing their new secure router equipped with Bitdefender technology. With Bitdefender, Netgear has a software package made for preventing malware from hacking into your home security system. Additionally, Netgear will be able to remotely update that software giving you access to improved hardware and firmware updates to fight the newest malware and phishing attacks. If the free option isn’t enough Netgear is offering a paid upgrade for anyone who wants more security.

Dell’s New Laptop

Dell unveiled their newest laptop in the XPS series, the XPS 15. This laptop is made for the professional who’s on the move… weighting approximately two pounds, it’s quite light. For high quality video enthusiasts the Dell XPS comes equipped to handle 4k video and can be upgraded to have a touch screen. Finally, the newest iteration gives you multiple ports including a microSD slot, a USB port, a Display port, and two thunder ports.

Intel Chips Security

After two major security flaws, named Meltdown and Spectre were discovered in Intel’s chips the company scrambled to fix the flaw. At CES 2018 Intel announced it had worked with AMD, ARM, and other operating system vendors to solve the issue. Since then hardware and firmware updates are available to most machines affected by the breach. If you haven’t, update your system as soon as possible to make sure you’re secure. If you have concerns about your Intel CPU, give us a call and we can help you out.

CES may be over, but your technology needs are just beginning for the New Year. Let VRLA Tech help you meet your hardware goals for the New Year. Give us a call at (213)810-3013 or email us at sales@vrlatech.com.

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