Dell PowerEdge R630 Server – Small Size HUGE Power!

Looking for a powerful solution to store your data but have limited space? A major update from previous models is the Dell PowerEdge R630 Server with its computing capabilities of a 2 unit server, but the size of a 1 unit rack server. This midsize unit gives you the options of creating a small server if you have any in-house needs while keeping your costs under budget.


With the ability to hold up to twenty-four 1.8 inch SATA SSD drives or ten 2.5 inch drives you can choose and completely customize whichever configuration best suits your business needs. Additionally, you can feel confident when purchasing a Dell R630 Server knowing that you can reconfigure your server at any time to optimize its storage capacity if your needs change in the future. Moreover, with a dedicated RAID slot the R630 Server gives you a plethora of RAID options such as mirroring or stripping to incorporate better data redundancy into your businesses I.T. model. At a maximum storage capacity of 23TB’s your business will have no problem worrying about storage needs. Also, you can dramatically reduce storage latency with Express Flash PCIe SSDs and support for optional Dell Fluid Cache for SAN and SanDisk DAS Cache application acceleration technology.



The Dell PowerEdge R630 Server has 24 DIMM slots and is DDR4 compliant- meaning you’ll have a lot of space for memory and you’ll have access to high end memory sticks if you are interested. Flash memory also allows for you to speed up data access and the additional PCIe slots ensure that you have fluid cache technology if you have high end speed needs. The R630 memory capabilities are endless and with a mid-size unit you have a lot of space options as well.


Compliant with Intel’s v4 processor family, the Dell R630 is sure to have high processing speeds for your data access needs. With the latest Xeon technology Intel gives you access to a CPU that works great for scalability and virtualized environments. No longer will you have to be concerned about slow data access rates from your data centers.


Troubleshooting your hardware problems can be made easy with the addition of iDRAC 8 and Enterprise management. Adding iDRAC Enterprise to your server provides you with quick access to system BIOS and your event log remotely. This gives you the option to troubleshoot your system’s problems from anywhere, letting you quickly target and solve problems in your company’s I.T. architecture.


Choosing a server for your data center doesn’t have to be difficult. At VRLA tech our goal is to provide you with a reliable server so you can worry about growing your personal or professional business. All of our servers come with a 5 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about hardware malfunctions, we’ll take care of it. If you’re ready to make the decision on your server needs contact us at (213)810-3013 or by email at

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