Gaming PC: What is a Gaming PC and Why Should You Buy One?

Have you heard about anyone buying a new gaming PC?

People often hear that term but aren’t sure of what they are talking about. If you love playing video games and computers, a gaming pc might be a good option for you.

A gaming PC provides the benefits of both a regular computer and a video game console. However, there’s a little more to them than the fact that they’re made for gaming.

Read on to learn about what a gaming PC is and why it may be suitable for you.

Why Is It Called a “Gaming PC?”

The reason why it’s called a gaming PC is that it’s designed to play video games. Most of the computers that you’d see at a regular office aren’t capable of playing video games because they don’t have the right equipment.

All computers are made of different components that determine how powerful they are, such as the processor, graphics card, RAM, etc. Gaming PCs make use of the best parts available.

What Are the Specs Like?

All computer applications have minimum requirements to run properly on a PC. Computer parts are responsible for running applications, displaying them on your monitor, and ensuring that they’re operating smoothly for the user.

Computer specs are constantly transferring and storing data, and they all work together to do this. A typical gaming PC will use high-quality and modern specs to ensure they have what it takes to run the latest games.

Here is are examples of cheap gaming PC specs and what they do:


The processor is the brain of the computer. It’s responsible for running tasks on a computer, and it tells other parts what to do. A strong processor is needed for gaming because modern games require a lot of attention from it.

Some of the most popular processors are the ones from Intel. The i5 and i7 are two series of processors that many gamers use because they are reliable and cost-effective. 

AMD is another big processor producer and they offer affordable options compared to Intel. AMD is known for itsThreadripper and Ryzen series, which have various models of different processing power.

Graphics Card

Aside from a processor, a graphics card is the most important part of a gaming PC because they take care of the biggest job: rendering images. A graphics card takes data from the CPU and turns it into an image that displays on a monitor.

Without a good graphics card, games won’t be able to be displayed at a high-quality, you can experience low FPS, or your game won’t run at all. 

Nvidia is a popular GPU company that is known for providing gamers with cards that are optimized to run games of all sorts. They’ve recently introduced a new RTX series to the market, which happens to be the strongest on the market.

While AMD is known for their processors, they also make graphics cards. Their current line of graphics cards is the Radeon series.


RAM is an acronym for “random-access memory.” RAM is used to temporarily store things when your computer is running tasks. Having it stored on the RAM allows it to be accessed quickly.

The more RAM a computer has, the more tasks they’ll be able to run at once. Having higher RAM is beneficial to PC gamers because they can play games while running other programs, such as the ram-intensive Google Chrome.

Video games require a higher amount of RAM than most programs, and their requirements are increasing as time goes on. It’s normal to see about 16 GB of RAM in a modern gaming PC to give users the freedom to do multiple things.


Storage isn’t as important as the other PC specs, but it still plays a role. In computers, storage comes in the form of hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). 

Gamers often choose an SSD for their builds because they’re faster and quieter. An HDD uses a series of disks that spin to store data whereas an SSD operates by storing data in chips. 

You may find yourself paying more for an SSD than you would an HDD. It’s because the market isn’t as big as the HDD one. The price is worth it because you won’t have to wait for programs to load, and your PC will start within seconds.

Why Should I Buy a Gaming PC?

You will need to get a gaming PC if you’d like to play modern games on a computer, but there are also other reasons to get one. In a way, “gaming PC” is an umbrella term that describes powerful computers.

These PCs are capable of running various programs that demand a lot. Programs like AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Sony Vegas require a lot of processing power and RAM. Graphics cards are also important for running and rendering videos.

Build a Gaming PC Today

The world of PC gaming is one that allows for limitless possibilities. Computer parts can be exchanged at any time, allowing you to keep your gaming PC as modern as possible. You can also build a custom laptop to run games!

If you’d like to play any game on the market, you’re a content creator, or you’re a developer, build a gaming PC to have a powerful machine that can handle anything.

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