The Super Awesome HP Z8 Workstation!

What do you know about the new HP Z8 Workstation? Released in 2017, the HP Z8 Workstation has taken the professional workstation to a whole new level. With the hardest working professionals in mind the HP Z8 has cutting edge technology that’s technologically advanced enough that most software can’t even make use of its hardware. Although if you’re a professional working with the most cutting edge software this workstation may be for you.


With the amount of power the HP Z8 Workstation gives you, you’ll want an equally powerful graphics card to go along with it to optimize your hardware needs. Fortunately, the HP Z8 gives you the opportunity with 3 PCIe slots dedicated for graphics cards. Additionally, the Z8 is ready to support a Thunderbolt 3 plugin giving you the customizability to fit your video or photo uploading needs. Lastly, adding a Quadro P6000 Graphics Card can let your HP Z8 Workstation perform up to its ideal expectations.


With 24 dedicated RAM slots the HP Z8 has the capability to meet any RAM needs you have. Utilizing DDR4 RAM the Z8 can have up to 3TB’s. That’s an increase of over 33% from its predecessors. With the capability to have that much RAM you can create a workstation that runs seamlessly and runs optimal even under your most hardware intensive needs.


The storage capabilities of the HP Z8 Workstation are equally as impressive as its RAM capabilities. The Z8 has the ability to hold up to 48TB’s of storage. Additionally, with 9PCIe slots the Z8 can have multiple hard drive figurations. The HP Z Turbo hard drive can also meet your speed needs for your hard drives. The Z8 is a perfect blend of bulk storing and speed. Storage concerns for the Z8 are all but erased with the massive amount of storage you have at hand. Additionally, thanks to the large storage opportunity adding a RAID controller for data redundancy is an option.


The HP Z8 Workstation is compatible with Intel’s newest generations of CPU’s the Skylake class of processors. And thanks to that, the Z8 can have up to 56 processors to give your workstation a premium speed boost. But, with that speed can come heat issues; however, HP compensated for that by equipping each processor with its own radiator that has a high pressure fan. With that the Z8 comes readily equipped to run even the most CPU intensive programs.

The Z8 can be a lot to take in so don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your hardware needs before you buy. We are always happy to help you find the best unit for your business. With a 5 year warranty, VRLA Tech is committed to helping you achieve your I.T. dreams. If you have questions contact us at (213)810-3013 or email us at

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