Nvidia GTX 11 Series – Rumors and Pricing

As we approach the end of Q3 2018, leaks and rumors about the Nvidia GTX 1100 series or Nvidia GTX 2000 series are on the rise. Rumored release dates and names of the new GPU’s are:
• August 30: Geforce GTX 1180
• September 30: Geforce GTX 1180+ and Geforce GTX 1170
• October 30: Geforce GTX 1160

Although these are only leaks and rumors, enthusiasts and general PC builders are sure to be excited. For the previous generations of video cards, new GPU releases have coincided with price drops for the predecessor generation of video cards. Nonetheless, there has also been a recent rumor that Nvidia has a stockpile of 10 series or 11 series GPU’s because of the Cryptocurrency shortages – this would make it difficult to sell their 10 series GPU’s if the 11 series are released and vice versa. Over the past six months, cryptocurrency mining has slowed down and the GPU shortage has somewhat ended. The 10 series video cards are now below or near MSRP making it easier for gamers building a new PC or upgrading their current PC’s. Further price reductions may also help some retailers and system building companies to reduce their price on gaming computers and workstations.
In regards to pricing, rumors revolving around the next generation GPU’s are quite interesting. One rumor seems a bit contradictory to the advertising and general stability of pricing for the 10 series GPU’s over the past few months. Nvidia has been sending out emails stating that their 10 series video cards are available at MSRP and sales have also pushed these cards at or below MSRP. It seems that Nvidia wants to flush the market of 10 series GPU’s so that it could put out new pricing for the 11 series GPU’s.

WccfTech leaked information revealing that:
• The 180W GPU (11GB vRAM) will be about $699 – $749 and will be released by the first week of September
• The 150W GPU (8GB vRAM) will be about $599 and will be released by the second week of September
• The 120W GPU (8GB vRAM) will be about $499 and will be released by end of September

Based on this information, it appears that Nvidia is creating a new line up of gaming video cards starting at $499. Comparing the scheduled release dates and the pricing from the above, it can be assumed that the GTX 1160/2060 will be a 120W 8GB VRAM GPU, and seems likely that it would be replace the GTX 1070 and the 1070 Ti. If the gaming line up starts at $500, AMD might be able to swipe up the majority of the budget gamer market; $500 is a steep price to pay for an entry level video card. It seems they aren’t too focused on consumer needs, and are thinking of how to deepen their pockets instead.

Finally, Nvidia has announced that they will be attending Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom 2018 will take place from August 21-25 and Nvidia will be there on August 20th and 21st. Some of key points in the attendance announcement was that there would be “…some spectacular surprises.” These words have sparked everyone’s interest as it could be a tease for the announcement of the next generation of GPU’s. It would great to see the rumors addressed and information available from the source. Stay tuned for more!
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