Calypso Gaming PC – Intel Core i7-14700KF I GeForce RTX 4070 Ti




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Purchase with confidence, VRLA Tech PCs come with a 2 Year limited warranty.
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Q: Is the VRLA Tech Gaming PC plug and play ready?

A: Yes! the Gaming PC will come plug and play ready. It will have all software and drivers installed. Just make sure you have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse so you can play!

Q: Is the VRLA Tech Gaming PC upgradeable?

A: Absolutely, all of our PCs are upgradeable as long as the parts that you want to upgrade are compatible with the motherboard.

Q: Does the VRLA Tech Come With a Graphics Card?

A: Yes!

Q: Is the VRLA Tech Gaming PC VR ready?

A: Yes!

Q: Does the VRLA Tech Gaming PC come with WiFi?

A: The Gaming PC does not come with WiFi. You will need to select the upgrade option at checkout to make sure your PC can connect to WiFi. If you do not purchase the WiFi upgrade option then your computer can still connect to the internet but you will be required to connect an ethernet cable to the router.

Q: Does the VRLA Tech Gaming PC come with Bluetooth?

A: The gaming PC does not come with Bluetooth. You will need to select the upgrade option at checkout to make sure your PC comes with Bluetooth.

Q: If I upgrade to “2 x fans” will I get 4 fans?

A: No, your PC will come installed with the exact amount of fans that you choose in the upgrade options. This means if you select “2 fans” you will receive 2 fans, not 2 fans in addition to the 2 fans that are included in your build. You must choose the total number of fans you want in the customization options.

Q: What is the difference between RGB and LED fans?

A: RGB fans change colors while LED fans stay glowing white. You can watch this video for more information.

Q: Can I choose a different case?

A: We are happy to make any changes to your PC that you want. Please contact us and let us know which case you would like to use and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Q: Does the VRLA Tech Gaming PC come as pictured?

A: Please check all the pictures. We have pictures that show the PC with upgrade options, standard, as well as different case colors. Please click the image and read the caption to see what your PC will look like.

Q: Does the VRLA Tech Gaming PC have a warranty?

A: Yes! All PCs have a 2 year warranty. Please click here for more information

Q: Can I ship to an address that is not my billing address?

A: No, we do not ship to an address that is not on file with your credit card provider. If you would like to place an order and ship to a different address you can contact your credit card provider and add an additional address to your account.

Q: What company do you ship with? Will I be required to sign for delivery?

A: All orders are shipped with FedEx Ground or FedEx Express depending on the shipping method that you choose at checkout. You will be required to sign for delivery so please track your order to make sure you are home for delivery.

Q: Am I able to pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

A: Yes. Please place your order and contact us so we can set up an appointment for pickup. If you are charged for shipping upon checkout you will be refunded your shipping fee once your order is picked up.

Q: If I change the components in my PC after I receive it will it void my warranty?

A: Yes, the warranty that is attached to your PC is only applicable to the components that your PC comes with. If you make changes to the components you will void your warranty.

Q: Can I overclock my PC?

A: Yes, you may overclock your PC but please note that overclocking will void your warranty.

Q: I am located outside of the USA, will the power cable work anywhere?

A: No, the power cable is compatible with USA power outlets. You will need to purchase an adapter that will fit into your required power outlet.




  • Processor

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800x

    CPU Cooler

    DeepCool Castle 240EX AIO Liquid Cooler


    ASROCK B550


    16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz


    512GB SSD + 1TB HDD

    Graphics Card

    GeForce RTX 3070 Ti

    Power Supply (PSU)

    EVGA 750W 80+ Power Supply


    Vetroo Mesh6

    Operating System

    Windows 11 Activated


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Spark Your Imagination


The ultimate budget gaming PC! Integrated graphics plus the power of Zen 3 architecture, equals the ultimate starter build. Built around the AMD Ryzen 5 5600G and 16GB of RAM, this entry level build is a gaming and productivity dream. Get into PC gaming for a great price, with the added flexibility of upgrading as you grow for custom PC builders. Leave consoles behind and get gaming on the most versatile platform there is.


Enter the World of PC Gaming

The Spark is built on AMDs Ryzen 5 5600G, an impressive 6 core 12 thread CPU with the addition of AMD Radeon Graphics. Integrated graphics better than ever with AMD’s Zen 3 architecture. The 5600G has a 3.9 GHz base frequency and a max turbo of 4.4 GHz, so you can get the most out of your system. The built in Radeon graphics give you 1080p gaming, without needing a graphics card.Optionally, you can choose to upgrade to the Ryzen 7 5700G. This 8 core 16 thread CPU gives you everything that the 5600G does, but with more power. Additional cores and threads make this CPU an even better option for advanced users, giving you more power to game, stream, and perform other multithreaded tasks.


Upgradeable – Learn As You Grow


The Spark is the perfect entry level PC. The price point makes it one of the easiest ways to get into PC gaming, and because it’s an APU system, you have the flexibility to upgrade it as you continue on your journey into PC gaming. We provide all of the necessary components for you to add your own graphics card down the line, making it as easy as possible for you to make future upgrades.


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