Samsung Announces NEW 860 PRO and EVO SATA SSD’s!

Samsung announced today that they will be releasing the new PRO and EVO Solid State Drives (SSD’s). The PRO and EVO SSD’s are the best SATA SSD on the market and one of the few hard drives that can challenge the current stranglehold NVMe hard drives have. These hard drives provide users with a fast, reliable, and compact option to upgrade a workstation’s storage capacity.


The 860 PRO SATA SSD comes equipped to handle the most intensive uses for your workstation. Using a 64-layer V-NAND the PRO can quickly access, read, and write your files. In fact, the Pro can handle up to 530MB’s a second of written data at a time. Finally, having up to 4GB of digital RAM (DRAM) available -the PRO can quickly access your files and handle the workloads required for them. Lastly, this drive comes ready to handle any storage needs you have, staring at 256GB, and extending from 512GB all the way to 4TB’s of storage. With a 4TB drive you could store 114 hours and 30 minutes of 4K videos! The MJX controller that comes equipped with this drive gives you an additional speed boost thanks to its ability to effectively communicate with the host system. This hard drive comes in a form factor size of 2.5” to help with any concerns about fitting it into your workstation.


The 860 EVO SATA SSD is optimized for the working professional with a budget. The EVO has a storage capacity ranging from 250GB to 4TB just like the PRO. However, the EVO can come in an mSATA or m.2 form factor along with a 2.5” form factor better equipping it to fit any hardware need. Just like its older brother, the EVO has an MJX controller to effectively communicate with the host system better. The EVO is slower at processing written information as it can only process up to 506MB’s of written data, while not as much as the PRO, it’s still a ridiculous amount and should fit the needs of most professional’s with workstation’s. The EVO is the less expensive partner to the PRO, but can still handle the majority of workloads for a professional on a budget.

Samsung’s release of the SATA SSD’s will prove helpful to a market that is largely lacking top of the line SSD’s. While most company’s move to NVMe drives, Samsung is continuing to push the limits of what is possible with their SSD’s. With new firmware updates these drives use less power and still increase your speed. Any working professional looking for a speed upgrade in their hard drives can find it in Samsung’s reliable EVO and PRO hard drives. If you’re as excited as we are about these new hard drives leave a comment, or if you want to discuss your hard drive needs, reach out to us as at (213)810-3013 or email us at

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  1. What I like about M.2 (compared to SATA) is the small footprint. An M.2 SSD is for all practical purposes slotless, Bayless, and thus offers 500GB of extra storage space that CONSUMES no space (physically). If Samsung can price M.2 directly equivalent with same-capacity SATA, it will be harder to decide which way to go.

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