VRLA Tech, LLC provides Enterprise IT Hardware in the same quality of service and equipment that major brands provide without the major brand pricing.


We strive to deliver an alternate source for clients to obtain major brand hardware such as Dell™, HP™, and IBM™ at discounted rates and faster response times. Because the core of Enterprise class equipment revolves around reliability, our on-site testing facility fully examines all equipment to ensure that all hardware shipped and received succeeds industry standards for quality control.


Our excellent customer service, top grade equipment coupled with our 5-year comprehensive warranty on configured machines allowed us to successfully develop a network of over 18,000 clients ranging from individual IT consultants to Fortune 500 companies. With our dedicated employees and 10,000 square foot warehouse we are able to provide countless configurations of Servers, Storages, and Workstations to
businesses worldwide within a 72 hour time-frame. We are confident that we can fulfill all of your IT needs!