HP Workstations


HP Z Workstations have existed for over 30-years. Designed from the inside out to fulfill all of your computing needs, HP Z Workstations deliver high performance and reliability with the latest innovation and industry leading technologies. In a computer and technology-based global economy, Workstations are the lifeblood that connects employees to their customers. Rather than rely on off-the-shelf solutions, we can build custom workstations to give every employee a competitive edge in businesses both big and small. We make it quick and easy for you. Choose the workstation model you’re interested in and customize it by choosing the processor(s) (CPU), memory (RAM), storage (hard drives and/or solid state drives, graphics card, and your operating system. Check out the HP Z Turbo Drive which delivers ultra-fast storage and reduces system holdups, boot up, calculation, and graphics response times – even with 4K video!

Not sure which model fits your needs, we can always help. If you’re in the media and entertainment industry and work with 3D visual effects, finishing and color grading, then an HP Z840 Workstation is the ideal choice for you. Looking for a newer generation? Check out our HP Z8 G4 Workstation – even more powerful than the HP Z840 and built for the most demanding software applications such as Autodesk Flame, Autodesk Maya, and Avid. In fact, HP and Avid have a very close relationship and the HP Z8 was actually designed with an editors needs in mind. Interested in virtual reality? The future is now! HP Workstations are VR Ready with optimum horsepower to drive the latest processors and graphics cards to bring VR content to life. We make sure all systems are built to stay cool and reliable for graphic-intensive tasks. Our custom HP workstations cover a broad range of other computing applications as well. Check out the HP Z440 Workstation – a great mix of a performance workstation package with the ability to achieve huge computational performance. HP’s flexibility means that we can mix and match computing power, applications and functions to meet a business’s current needs while still retaining the tools to help them expand in the future. The HP Z820 Workstation is an outstanding machine that gives its user the confidence she or he needs to produce the best work possible at an affordable price. Need a workstation system that lets you concentrate on your work rather than your workstation, than the HP Z640 Workstation is a great investment to make. Serving industries such as Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Education, Financial Services, Geospatial, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Oil and Gas, Product Development, and Video Surveillance – we can help you build the workstation that is ideal for you!