Deciding Between Renewed or Refurbished Servers and Workstations

Getting a refurbished or renewed machine often gives a buyer a moment of pause. However, many consumers don’t fully understand the difference between the two and the considerations to take before purchasing either item. Both a refurbished and a renewed machine can work at the same level as a new machine for half the cost. Finding a trusted supplier of refurbished or renewed Dell and HP machines can help your company meet its budgetary needs while still delivering production level work.

Renewed Servers and Workstations

A factory renewed item is an item that has been re manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, generally referred to as the OEM. To be labelled a factory renewed item the workstation or server undergoes the same stress testing and hardware testing that any new machine would encounter before being shipped to the customer. Products that are considered renewed have not been directly used by the consumer for long periods of time. For instance, any product that was a cancelled order, used as tradeshow equipment by the company, or was overstocked is labelled renewed. With any renewed item you’re getting the same product for a lower price.

Refurbished Servers and Workstations

Any machine that has been refurbished still holds the same hardware integrity as a renewed model, however, that machine might have had a part that originally was defective. After replacing the defective hardware component the machine then undergoes stress testing and hardware testing just like a renewed machine. Additionally, a refurbished machine might also hold 3rd party parts that Dell or HP don’t carry under their warranty. Any refurbished item that is sold by VRLA Tech will undergo in house stress testing and each hardware component is checked for any potential issues. From work stations to servers any item we ship to you will come ready to be deployed from day one.

Making the Decision

At VRLA Tech the decision between a renewed machine and a refurbished machine doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Our 5 year warranty takes the risk out of buying a refurbished machine while still providing you with a cheap alternative to buying new. With our warranty you can have the peace of mind knowing that any hardware failure can be replaced and fixed quickly. We trust our team of experts so much that our warranty covers two more years than Dell’s or HP’s. At VRLA Tech we have a team of sales representatives and technical support ready to help you anytime when your hardware is giving you issues. If you’re ready to get involved with us contact us at or give us a call at (213)810-3013.

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